What do you think your lifetime working hours will be when you retire. The average Briton reportedly spends a total of over 9 ½ years working, and it’s even more when you add in overtime. With that in mind, we really ought to be happier in our jobs.

Unfortunately, job dissatisfaction is a major issue, with many employees miserable at work. This can have a huge impact on productivity and performance, as well as mental wellbeing. However, there are ways to improve this.

Talk To Your Boss

Not every employer values their staff as much as they should. However, a lot of them care more about employee wellbeing than you might think, so it’s worth talking to them if you’re having trouble. They want to get as much high-quality work out of you as they can, but they know that to do that, you need to feel happy and fulfilled. As nerve-wracking as it may be to approach your boss with your problems, the chances are that you’ll walk out of that meeting more positive than when you went in.

Find Something New

Sometimes, the best thing to do when you’re unhappy with your job is to find a new one. That might mean searching for something else in the same industry, or – if the problems are related to the kind of work you’re doing – finding a new career altogether. The latter may be daunting, but you can find all the help you need at refreshingacareer.com. They have all the advice and resources necessary to forge a new path, no matter your age, skill set, and financial stability.

Decorate Your Workspace

An uninspiring workspace is a recipe for disaster when it comes to job satisfaction. If you work at a desk all day, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by plain walls that won’t stimulate your brain in the slightest. Do whatever you can to perk the place up, like bringing in photos of your loved ones or growing some plants. Provided your decorations aren’t too distracting – and you receive approval from your employer – you should find your desk to be far more enjoyable to work at.

Leave Work At Work

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for a lot of people to leave work at work, especially with so many jobs being remote right now. That’s a significant problem because it means that employees aren’t getting the proper break they need to relax and recharge every day. Job satisfaction statistics show that two-thirds of people feel that work stress follows them home, with a fifth blaming their job for poor health. It’s important to make a distinction between your working hours and your free time; otherwise, it could make you ill.

Build Relationships With Colleagues

Part of what can make a job good or bad is the people you work with. Your colleagues are typically the people you spend the most time with during the working week, so your relationship with them can have a huge impact on your job satisfaction. If you’ve tried and failed to establish a friendship with them, then maybe being around them is part of the problem. However, if there’s a chance for you and them to connect, it’s definitely worth reaching out. Having friends at work could really perk things up.

We spend too much time working to be unhappy in our jobs. If something’s getting you down at work then do what you can to change it. Otherwise, those Monday morning blues are never going to go away.