One of the great things about Brighton is its extensive collection of independent shops. The cool and sometimes quirky stores found here are a delight to explore at any time of year.

Yet, one of the big issues commonly found by independent businesses is that of competition in terms of price. This is why it is such big news that smaller businesses are now getting in on the idea of offering cashback deals.

What Is a Cashback Deal?

A cashback deal can be set up in any one of a number of different ways. Typically, it will see you receive back a percentage of what you spend, given to you at some point after you make your purchase.

You might be given this money at the end of the month or it might come off your next purchase. Either way, this is a way of getting back some of the money that you spend each time that you buy something.

Of course, this is great news for the shopper but what is in it for the retailer? Well, this is really a way of ensuring that their customers feel a greater level of loyalty towards a brand.

It was typically only the country’s biggest brands such as Argos, Debenhams and PC World that could afford to offer this sort of incentive in the past. While these brands still offer deals, these days there is a range of modern solutions that allow any size of business to offer cashback without it costing them a fortune.

Not Just Shops

It is important to note that these cashback deals are now no longer restricted just to High Street shops. The idea of giving the customer back some money has spread to many different industries now. There are sometimes cashback deals of 10% or more in Brighton hotels such as the Hilton and Travelodge.

It’s the same in entertainment niches like the online casino industry: brands offer bonuses to entice new players. For instance, it’s possible to claim 10% cashback via the Gambling Deals website when signing up for bgo; that’s in addition to the £5 sign up bonus and fifty free spins the gaming company itself offers. Elsewhere, you can find the likes of 15% and even 20% cashback offers. As with the shop promotions, this is a simple way of making your money stretch further.

In the same way, you can also get deals of this sort on your holidays, tickets for major events in Brighton and all sorts of other services. A good cashback deal can help you to make smarter purchases on just about any anything.