Review: The Best Breakfasts in Brighton
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There are 365 pubs in Brighton, or so I’m told – one for every day of the year. So it’s no surprise that Brightonians enjoy the odd drink. Which means that on a Sunday morning, most Brighton residents (or visitors) are searching for a good solid breakfast to make it all ok!

There’s nothing more depressing than a disappointing breakfast, especially if you’re feeling a little worse for wear. So we’ve put together a run-down of the best breakfast experiences in the city, where you can be sure of a soul-healing serving of recovery on a Sunday.

7: The Mad Hatter                           

A lovely, quirky and colourful cafe on the corner of Western Road and Montpelier Road, The Mad Hatter serves up a range of hearty breakfasts in a cosy, relaxed setting. The Alice in Wonderland theme has been beautifully woven into every aspect of the cafe, and you do feel a little as though you’re stepping into the rabbit hole (but not too much to freak you out when you’re already feeling fragile!). The full English is a good traditional breakfast, with everything you want cooked to perfection, with a great veggie alternative, but there are loads of other options if you don’t fancy a fry-up. The coffee is fantastic, which is definitely vital on the morning after. Plus they have yoga and meditation upstairs, so you can mend your soul as well as your body!

6: Salvage

If you want to steer clear of meaty breakfasts, Salvage is a gorgeous, dreamy venue with a predominantly vegetarian and vegan menu, as well as a wide variety of gluten free options. Everything in the cafe, from the chairs and tables to the art on the walls and the vintage knick-knacks covering every surface, is for sale so you can also get your Sunday fix of antique hunting while you eat. The bread is amazing – the best I’ve ever tasted, anywhere. The staff are lovely, and incredibly helpful with any dietary requirements. There is a great tea selection, and even the crockery is beautiful. Everything is very reasonably priced as well, meaning you can totally justify whiling away your Sunday morning (or afternoon) soaking up the creative atmosphere.

5: Verano Lounge

One of my favourite spots in Brighton to chill out, Verano Lounge offers a great menu for all times of the day, and some good cocktail offers on weekday evenings, as well as lovely comfy chairs, big wooden tables and a great art deco look. But the breakfasts are the real standout – particularly anything that involves their sausage patties! There is something about the combination of herbs in there that makes them totally addictive. There’s often something going on upstairs as well, from a bit of theatre in the mornings to a piano bar at night. Plus free wifi, good coffee and homemade cakes. Settle into a leather armchair and don’t make any plans for the rest of the day.

4: The Fountainhead

There are a few bottomless boozy brunches around town, but The Fountainhead is the most reasonably priced at £12 per head, and probably the best. They do a fantastic full English, but the Eggs Royale was the winner for me. And who can complain about unlimited mimosas from 11am to 1pm?! They’re not stingy with the booze either, so this might be one for a Saturday morning rather than a Sunday, unless you’re very brave about your hair of the dog! The staff are incredibly friendly as well, and go out of their way to make your meal a good one. A great way to kick off the weekend!

3: Cafe Venus

Not a venue that gets shouted about much, Venus is a fairly average looking cafe on Western Road, but my wife and I have become completely addicted to it. The reason? We just can’t get through Sunday without their breakfast baguette. It might look like a normal greasy spoon, but the food in Venus is prepared with love and attention, and that shows when you sit down to eat it. Hearty, satisfying and top quality, made by a warm and friendly team, this will put you back together when you wake up broken. Plus they offer a 20% NUS discount, so students can be put back together at even better value!

2: Kensington Cafe

Considering the vast number of tourists and Sunday antiquers swarming down Kensington Gardens in the North Laines, you could easily overlook Kensington Cafe. Behind an unassuming door, sandwiched between busy shops, lies a staircase that makes you feel a bit as though you’re wandering into someone’s home. And the cosy setting upstairs doesn’t completely dispel that feeling! Space is at a premium at the Kensington Cafe, especially if the weather’s not so good and the balcony is off the menu. So get there at a reasonable time to stake out a table – it’s well worth it. The food is fantastic, and very reasonably priced. You order by name rather than table number, adding to the personal, intimate vibe. A great spot to kick-start your day. Try the pancakes!

1: Smokey’s

When you think of Smokey’s, you probably think of massive plates of meat, but the breakfasts are the stuff of joy. Equally large and filling, this is not the place to go if you’re watching your figure. Or if you’re planning to move much for the rest of the day! Breakfast is only served until 12pm, so you do need to get up at a reasonable time. Although brunch is served all day, and this still includes plenty of options, so no need to worry if you’re feeling a bit more lazy! There is a mix of English fry-ups, American pancakes and waffles, and Mexican breakfasts. Whichever option you plump for, accompany it with a chocolate milkshake – trust me! Just make sure you wear comfortable clothes!

By Peter Chapman