Hawken Review
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Hey gamers! Nerdy dwarf here! Some of you may of seen me singing over Xbox live or dancing on twitch! I’ve been here in Brighton for about a year and I came as a true gamer, already I’ve been seen frolicking around in my dark souls hoodie and many praise the sun have been shouted my way, now with the addition of Pokemon go joining this community I’m seeing more and more of you beautiful gamers out there.


But my question is have you guys played hawken?? If not, why not! It’s a glorious free to play mech based first person shooter that’s earned a great reputation on PC and has now joined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Although it hasn’t received the best reception, it’s a fun fast paced destruction fest, with smooth controls and easy to follow game play, unlocking mechs follows a similar chain as the world of tanks game, where it’s a spider diagram of tiers, each with their own weapon load outs and abilities. All mechs can boost, hover and dodge out the way of the incoming rockets, grenades and even balls of immense heat, while paying attention to your own weapon heat levels, you can safely glide away for another little robot buddy to pop out and repair you at will, I’ve nicknamed mine tim.


Stable servers, beautiful graphics and endless hours of fun are guaranteed for anybody who likes the sound of gigantic metal feet stamping below them and the crunch of destruction, although lacking in close combat, over 30 mechs at your disposal to control and customise, there will always be another way to play.
Many more updates are due to come and real world currency is only required for certain customisation options, most of which can be obtained anyway, so you’ll never need to spend a penny.
With the classes ranging from fast moving and light weight mechs with sub machine guns and grenade launchers known as berserkers , to heavy and slow vanguards armed with miniguns who’s ability allows them to enter turret mode, where they move slower, if that’s possible, and take a dramatic 80% less damage from the front allowing your team to remain safe while you shower your opponents in shrapnel like a crazed villain, yes, manic laughing is acceptable.


Personally I’d give it a solid 8/10, no real flaws, except the menu can be a tad confusing if you’re new, but once you’ve started you’ll be good to go, and earning the tougher mechs can be a bit of a grind, though enjoyable, it’s still long and necessary as you can feel left behind at the back of the pack with the behemoths in front taking all the credit. You can take comfort in knowing that soon those little snags will be long gone memories as you find the mech you love and trample the ground below you earning both mech and player levels, a smile on your face and a full count of ammo, it won’t be long before you start dominating.

This game has been available for the last few weeks as it only joined early July, but it is well worth a shot.
Hopefully this has helped you join the fight and I hope to see you on the battlefield, good gaming everybody