As other coffee enthusiasts may concur, there is nothing quite as sweet and enticing as the fragrance of freshly made coffee in the morning. Also, it should come as no surprise that newly ground coffee beans make a superior cup of coffee. On busy mornings, though, many of us don’t have the time to grind the beans freshly. So it is when stored ground coffee comes into play. This handy necessity allows us to receive our coffee fix in a matter of minutes.

Proper preservation method of ground coffee

Can preserved ground beans be as enticing as if you grind every day? Indeed, if you know the storing hacks, they can taste almost as wonderful as the fresh item when appropriately preserved. So, let’s dive into the ways to store those ground, aromatic beans in their flavourful best.

Lock the Moisture Out

If you want to keep your ground beans dry, avoid storing them in places with exposure to moisture, such as the refrigerator or a shelf over your stove. Grounds should be stored in a cool, dry location such as your pantry. It will last longer if you can keep its exposure to sunshine, humidity, and, most importantly, airflow to a minimum. It will remain fresh and tasty for two to three months.

Freeze ground coffee

Coffee beans have a nine-month shelf life. However, you can prolong the usage of ground coffee for another six months by storing them in the fridge. Simply grind your beans ahead of time on the weekends. Then, store it in the refrigerator for usage until the next. To keep dampness and smells at bay, use a sealed jar.

Store in the dark

Coffee grounds may be damaged by heat and light. So it’s better to keep them in the dark. A naturally dark area, such as a pantry or closet, helps, as does an opaque container. That way, instant coffee will keep its aroma for 1-2 years, ground coffee for a maximum of 5 months and whole bean for up to nine months. Buy in small quantity

Coffee is one of the products you should avoid purchasing in large quantities. Instead, buy just enough to consume in 1-2 weeks for maximum freshness. They’ll start losing their flavor if you wait much longer. Rather than storing up for months, it’s better to regularly purchase a small bag of your favorite coffee and invest in a quality coffee maker.

Is your coffee still good?

Whether you will add milk or not can be up for debate! But at all times, try to brew ground coffee while it’s at its finest. Make use of your senses; It will still be delicious if it smells excellent when you use it. If it doesn’t have much fragrance, it’s probably gone old stale and won’t taste as good. Also, make use of your sight! If you notice mold, which can occur in rare circumstances when damp gets into your coffee, never use it and throw it away.