If you have passion for cars and engines, starting a mechanics and repairs business might be for you. Here is what you need.

A plan – You can’t go into any business without a solid business plan. Create a layout for what services you will provide, determine how much these will cost, and think about your customer base (you can find more on how to get clients further down).

A Location – Unlike many businesses that can be operated remotely from a laptop or PC, as a mechanic business you will need a physical location to operate from, this could be a garage or a warehouse.

Equipment – Alongside the costs of the property that you will operate from, the tools and equipment will be one of your biggest initial investments. You will need different mechanic tools to work on your clients’ cars and an engine hoist for engine work and repairs.

Clients – The main priority of your business will be getting people in the door; however, this can be a much bigger challenge than expected. Get friends and family to come in as your initial client base, and word will begin to spread. To attract customers, you should also create a website, social media profiles and have physical posters and signs near your area.

In order to be able to reach customers, you need to determine who you are trying to reach first. Who is most likely to visit your shop? What age are they? How much are they willing or able to spend? Are they looking for special services, general automotive repair or both? The more you know about your target audience, the better you will be able to serve them and compete with other businesses.

Importantly, if you want to attract and retain clients, you will need to provide prices that are competitive if not better than your competitors, otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere.

Expertise – to start any business you need to be an expert in the sector, if not, hire people who are. Even if you are very knowledgeable, you may simply not have the time to train staff or even do repairs yourself. There are many qualified, experienced and reliable car mechanics who could do some of the work so that you can focus on growing your business.

As Point Franchise explains, “the British public is prepared to part with £21 billion a year to keep their vehicles running to perfection. And there are currently around 45,800 businesses collectively employing over 212,580 people”. So, there is a large demand for repair services, but also huge competition. By finding out what makes your shop stand out you can begin to make a profit very soon.