Every homeowner has a natural desire to modify the appearance of their home every few years, and to get rid of existing furniture that they no longer need or want to replace with brand new furnishings. After all, it’s not uncommon at all  for your old furniture to require a new look or makeover.

You may want to replace your existing furniture with new to create your desired look, but giving your home a new lease of life doesn’t require chucking out your old furniture or breaking the bank. Upcycling your furniture is a great way to uplift your home without the need for buying new furniture.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at why you should upcycle your old furniture rather than getting rid of it.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of giving an old item you may no longer require a makeover, by repairing it and transforming it into something that looks as good as new, or giving it a whole new look. This could involve replacing furniture legs with box section table legs, or refinishing wood furnishings.

Rather than squandering money on unnecessary products, upcycling allows you to give your unwanted and neglected items a new appearance by repurposing them into items you can love again.

Why upcycling furniture is a great practice

Keeping your existing furniture and upcycling it is extremely eco-friendly and cost effective, since it eliminates the need to purchase new things that aren’t absolutely necessary. Through upcycling your furniture, you can add more style and a new aesthetic to your home’s interior and each room at a cost that is much lower than if you were to buy new.

As well as the economic and environmental benefits, upcycling allows you to let your creativity flow, and express your true self, by creating your very own furniture that is unique to you and reflects your personality.

Upcycling is cheaper

Upcycling furniture prolongs the life and durability of items you haven’t used in a long time that you may have been storing out of the way or haven’t found a use for. Upcycling obviously requires you to carry out some DIY work with some tools and resources, but everything you need to upcycle your furniture can be purchased at a small cost. Even better, you can use these tools again when carrying out another upcycling project in the future.

You don’t just have to upcycle your own furniture, used furniture may also be found at a low cost in second hand stores, charity shops, or on online stores like Facebook marketplace.

An increasing number of individuals are purchasing discarded and unused furniture and upcycling it for their own homes, or reselling it for profit.

Upcycling for the environment

Upcycling existing furniture and things you no longer use minimises the quantity of rubbish and wasted materials that end up in landfills each year, as well as the demand for fresh or raw resources to make new furniture.

Now that you know some of the reasons why upcycling should be on you ‘to do’ list, all that is left to do is to let your creativity flow, and dive into your next, exciting home renovation project.