Cleanliness is crucial for office productivity and safety, but with studies showing that desks can harbour more than 20,000 bacteria it’s clear that companies aren’t doing enough to improve conditions for their staff and create a safe, clean environment for them to work in.

As such, we’ve created a set of tips on how you can keep your office clean and safe for all your staff throughout the year.

Set Some Ground Rules

Working in an office where certain staff make more mess than others, or do inconsiderate things like cook fish in the office microwave, is never a nice experience, so set some basic rules of conduct for your office. This will mean that everyone is completely aware of their responsibilities and what they should or should not do to make their work environment nice for themselves and everyone they work with.

Make A Schedule

Employees will become resentful if they find that only a select few are keeping the office tidy, so make a schedule and encourage staff to stick to it. If everyone does their bit to keep the workplace clean, then it’ll feel like less hard work.

Give Staff Responsibility Over Their Workstation

Allow staff to personalise their desks with photos, trinkets and other decorations so that they feel like their workstation is their own. This will encourage them to take care of it and keep it clean. Remind staff that keeping their desk tidy and neat will help them to organise their work and support them in keeping their space clean for the benefit of themselves and everyone else who works in your office.

Invest In Quality Cleaning Supplies

Staff won’t be able to keep your office clean without the right equipment and products, so make sure they have everything they need. Use a cleaning supplies provider to stock your cupboard with everything your team will need to make their work environment safe and clean.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Old equipment, out of date promotional literature and other items can easily take up a lot of space in your office and make it look untidy. Make sure you and your team regularly review the items in your office so that you can get rid of anything you don’t need and keep it looking clean and professional.

Hire A Cleaning Company

If your office is large, or your staff don’t have the time to keep it properly clean, work with a dedicated office cleaning company like Ideal Cleaning to ensure that your office is kept clean and tidy. They work with companies all over the country and have even assisted the NHS, so you know you’ll be in reputable hands.

This will ensure that your office is always kept at a professional standard of cleanliness and is safe and comfortable for your staff to work in.

Do Your Bit

As a business leader it can be easy to think that you’re above doing menial tasks like cleaning, but this may make your staff think that cleaning isn’t important. Lead by example and take part in the cleaning rota yourself and do you best to enforce it. This will show your team that you’re committed to keeping the office clean and encourage them to do the same.