Watson Removals is one of the leading removals companies in the Brighton area. The company, started as a small family business, has become one of the go-to names for the dozens of people who move homes or business location every year. We recently caught up with Sam Anno, co-founder of the company and was happy to talk us through the removals process, the success of the business so far and more:

What was the motivation behind starting Watson Removals?

Sam: Apart from the obvious allure of running your own business, there was a vacuum for a local Brighton removals company that can deliver excellent customer satisfaction on all projects. We wanted to introduce a unique take on removals and that’s what we have done. In the last few years, we have slowly become one of the highest ranked names in the niche and we are not resting on our laurels.

What should people looking for a removals company watch out for?

Sam: The importance of hiring a professional removals company cannot be overstated. The safety of your properties should be paramount during a move and no better way to guarantee that, than making sure you are working with people that can be trusted. There are several questions you can ask initially to ascertain the status of the company. Find out how long they have been in business, take note of the experience level of the salesperson or estimator, ask about how they handle complaints and find out how they will move special items like pianos or exotic painting.  If at any stage of the discussions you do not feel convinced about the credentials of the company, don’t proceed with the arrangement. The good thing about choosing a local company, however, is the fact that you don’t have to look far for referrals. Good, verifiable testimonials are often more reliable means of ascertaining the credibility of a removals company.

Did your business make any mistakes earlier? How did you fix them?

Sam: Of course! In the early days, we were more engrossed in bringing in customers through the door and it led to several mistakes with evaluation, packing and even scheduling. However, instead of engaging the customer in a shouting match, we listened to their complaints. In fact, listening, learning and finding ways to placate the customer was at the forefront of our early successes. We quickly became “the Brighton removals company that will always`s make you happy”. The rest is history!

What is your overall removal process like?

Sam: It begins with an initial evaluation where we consult with the client to find out the makeup of the items to be moved. Our consultation process is thorough as make sure we cover all bases. Who will pack the boxes? Are we going to unpack and place items? When all decisions have been made, we proceed to the appointment scheduling.

Sam Anno is excited about the company’s position today as one of the premier removals company in Brighton but he says the company is not resting on their laurels. “We are committed to ensuring that we continue to maintain a healthy reputation. This why we go above and beyond to make sure that the current customer has an even better experience than the last.” Learn more about Watson Removals Brighton.