In order to strike a balance between having a versatile, practical wardrobe with an interesting and trendy one, it is good to invest in a few of each category, particularly focusing on items that can double up as both. This way, you will not feel as though your purchases are silly and pointless, but you will also continue to be excited by clothing, rather than thinking of it as simply a necessity.

Investing in Some Great Staples

When creating a wardrobe, firstly you should start off with the staples and necessities, which will form a great base for your wardrobe for you to build on. ‘Staple’ items include the basics such as t-shirts, jeans and a coat. Since these are items you will probably wear day in, day out and will be able to keep for years, it is probably sensible to invest in good quality items that won’t fall apart after the first season of wearing them.

When creating your ‘base’, focusing on well-known, trusted and classic brands like Burberry is the way forward. Have a look at some of the items in this collection to gain a bit of inspiration for where to start with your wardrobe and particularly for those great quality, life-lasting buys. Reputable online retailers will have a great range of Burberry’s classic clothing pieces to choose from.

Adding Some Statement Pieces

Once you have a good base of items build up, you can start adding some more statement pieces, which are items you may not wear on a daily basis but can be fun additions to your wardrobe. The combination of these with the classic items you have bought is what will make you stand out and appear different and quirky.

These items could include handbags, hats, shoes and other accessories – all things that can be easily added to every outfit in order to spice them up a little or add a bit of colour.

Bending the Fashion Rules

One way you can always keep your wardrobe looking fresh and a bit different is to not stick to the fashion rules that you may often feel a pressure to conform to. This way, your clothes can never really go ‘in’ or ‘out’ of style, since you will be the one that determines this, rather than leaving it up to high street brands.

It also means you are less likely to fall into the trap of a consumerist, throwaway culture, where getting rid of clothes is normalised. If you genuinely like what you are buying and wearing, you should keep the items for years and really own them rather than simply throwing them out once you have worn them a few times.

Fashion is a great way to express yourself, so try and really wear what you want to wear rather than what you think you may be expected to wear. Once you start following your own mind, it will be so much more fun to get dressed in the mornings and buy new pieces, as you will be fully in control of how you style yourself.