Congratulations on acquiring a new home in scenic Brighton! Finding a suitably sized home that will accommodate you and your family as the years roll by is a huge achievement. Before, you can rest on your laurels, however, you need to ensure you have done the best work with your furnishing. Here are some tips to guide you.

First Impressions Matter

When setting up a new home, it is natural to focus on getting bits like the painting and landscaping sorted. Have you thought about the impact of your front door? A red door is welcoming and the colour is one that is regarded as lucky in many cultures. Orange and yellow are other good options you should consider as they are associated with warmth and joy.  A black or metallic front door isn’t a modern option. Similarly, your screen door is dated. Change things up with a storm door featuring full length glass that can be easily switched out for a screened panel.

Keep It Neutral In Your Living Room

When decorating your living room, flow is important. You are therefore supposed to stick to colours such as beige or gray. You don’t want a jolting transition across your home. The biggest benefit with neutral colours is that they give the greatest decorating flexibility which makes it easy for you to switch up your accessories. A pro tip is to paint the dining area the same colour as the main sitting area to make the space feel larger.


Get The Furniture Right

The furniture that populates the rooms is the mainstay of any home decorating scheme. You need to get it right, from the cushions down to the beds.

The beds are usually not given enough thought. However, when you think about the fact that the average person spends more than a third of their lives in bed, you will understand why it is only logical to put serious thoughts into owning a quality bed and bedding.

Think about going out of the norm with your furniture. What about a mix of standard British fare and some bespoke Indian embellishments? Iris Furnishing is an example of a furniture hotspot that can allow you to achieve both seamlessly.

When adding furniture, however, it is very important to resist the temptation of overcrowding a room. Spending on fewer but higher quality pieces is better than loading up the spaces with bottom feeder finds from the local shop.  To ensure gracious living in your new home, adequate space to manoeuver is a must.

Use Rugs Strategically

Don’t just buy rugs and stick them anywhere you can. In your living room, you need to ensure that all four legs of the sofa and chairs fit perfectly on it. This is a good way to define the seating area.  Where you can’t get in all four legs, make sure that the front two legs of chairs and sofa fits.  This emphasises the need to know your room measurements as you buy important decoration bits such as this. If the rug is too small, it takes away from the work you’ve done already.

These are some tips that can help as you whip your new Brighton home into shape!