Harry Styles, famous boy band member turned high fashion icon, has made waves in the fashion industry of late. From humble beginnings in skinny jeans to gorgeous sequined jumpsuits, Styles has become a veritable style risk-taker – breaking the boundaries of gendered fashion into much more neutral territory. In the wake of his fashion-forward choices, many of us are starting to feel a little Styles-ish ourselves! Although sequined jumpsuits aren’t everyday wear for most of us, there are ways to capture that iconic Harry Styles vibe in your everyday wardrobe – we’ve elaborated on some of these ways for you, below.

Pearl Earrings

Harry Styles became the Boy with the Pearl Earring in 2019, thanks to the Met Gala, and fashion has never been the same since! Before this point, pierced ears for men were (a majority of the time) limited to a simple diamond stud or plain silver hoop. A pearl earring can be a dashing, romantic complement to any outfit: traditional suit and tie or old jeans and a T-Shirt. You could copy Harry Styles exactly with a single pearl earring on an earlobe of your choosing or transform the look for your everyday wardrobe. Wear both pearl earrings and commit wholly to this new-age romantic style.

High-Waisted Trousers

Harry Styles simply adores the high-waisted trouser and suspender combo, and we’re sure you will too. Why don’t you spice up your everyday wardrobe with a pair of loose, flowing slacks? Just make sure to lift your waistband far beyond the waist! After all, Styles’ pants almost reach chest height. A bold, glittery or patterned shirt can really elevate this outfit to the next level.

Sheer Shirts

The 2019 Met Gala saw Harry Styles take to the infamous Gala carpet in a high-necked, completely sheer shirt. This shirt, complete with black ruffles and suave lace trim, was the standout choice of the year. After this iconic moment, there have been plenty of shirts for men that replicate this look – none quite capture it as well as T.M Lewin! The shirts at T.M Lewin are suitable for everyday wear whilst still retaining the Victorian grandeur of Harry’s outfit. Match your own sheer shirt with a black blazer if you feel Met Gala-esque, or dress it down with a casual denim jacket.

Floral Patterns

Harry Styles, outside of his unprecedented musical career, has become well-known for his love of bright floral patterns. His bold floral suits are a staple of his own everyday wardrobe, from the stage to the red carpet. Although some argue these patterns belong to your grandmother’s house more than your wardrobe, this look can give you a whole lot of confidence and power! Pair a vibrant floral blazer with a beige or white shirt to emphasise the pattern, or commit to the Styles’ look and pair your florals with another bold print – like animal print pants, for example.