Once upon a time, a black bedroom was the preserve of the ‘misunderstood’ teenager. It was all about angst and a worldview that no one else would ever get (even though everyone goes through exactly the same thing).

These days, however, a black bedroom – or rather a bedroom with black accents – is cool and chic, and definitely grown up.

Black makes a bold and powerful statement, but it doesn’t offend the eye with bright, busy colours and patterns. So it’s the ideal way to make a statement in the bedroom as it won’t affect your sleep. Some colours can. A bright red or yellow bedroom might sound delightful but you will sleep badly, even if you don’t notice it. The good news is, you can even get black beds from Bedstar which will make every part of your bedroom absolutely perfect. And bespoke bedroom furniture can be painted any colour you like.


By putting spots of black around an otherwise light coloured room you can show off the parts of the bedroom that you want a visitor’s eye to be drawn to first. Black beds (with black or black and white bedding) are ideal, but so are black curtains against a white wall. Another great way to ensure that the bedroom has a charm of its own is to add a black light fixture – ceilings tend to be white anyway, so there isn’t even any need to paint!

Speaking of paint, a splash of black can be a great way to enhance the features of the room. Have you considered painting your windowsills black? Or a mantelpiece if there is a fireplace in the room? Or what about that wardrobe door? It can be a rather boring thing, just sitting there in the corner of the room, but if you use black paint to highlight it, whether you choose to paint patterns or to add squares, or whatever it is you want to do, it will look dramatic and impressive.


There are so many ways to add a splash of colour to a bedroom, including restoring old furniture – isn’t it time you took everything back to basics and added black?