We’ve all been through a big change in the past few years. The way we work, where we work, what we’re working for, have all been called into question. And ultimately, the answer to that question has quickly become “Why don’t I try something else?”

And it’s a valid idea. If you’re looking for a change, perhaps a chance to be your own boss or carve your own path, you can look at these business ideas below and see if one may work for you. These are the jobs and industries that are taking off at the moment and are in high demand.


Hear us out. There is a lot more that goes into being an influencer or vlogger than most people consider. You’re not just taking a photo of yourself but building yourself as a brand. That takes transferable skills like marketing, business management, etc. You’ll be negotiating deals and handling your own money, so you’ve got finance skills. And you’ll be creating your own content which can include video and audio editing, photoshopping, director skills, filming, photography, and more.

And then there is the shifting state of influencer culture right now. Marketers are realizing that customers don’t trust big influencers, and so are turning to micro-influencers to showcase their brands – for a commission. There are more chances than ever to make money if you have a small but dedicated following.

Food Delivery

The hospitality industry took a hard hit when lockdowns were enforced, and they’re still trying to recover, but in the meantime a lot of them tried to adapt. Suddenly we saw a closure of seated areas but a rise in takeout and delivery options in everything from street food and bakery to 5 Michelin star restaurants. The plus side is that jobs were then opening up for delivery drivers. It also doesn’t cost a great deal to get going. If you own a vehicle, you can get quotes in your area for food delivery car insurance and find a policy that covers you for everything you need.

A lot of pop-up options are “popping up” across the country, whether that’s smaller kitchens with no seating areas, or traditional food trucks offering delicious food.

The added perk of a food truck is that you can park it where the people are. If that’s not the high street one day, you can move to the park, or that music festival, etc. If you have some culinary skill, it’s a great option to pursue.


The reason the freelancer is here, is because it can be applied to just about any industry. If you have organizational skills you can be a PA, working for one or many clients who can’t field their own calls or organize meetings. If you have writing skills you can be a freelance content writer or journalist. If you are artistic you can put those drawing skills to a freelance graphic designer role.

Everything from trades to coding can be done on a freelancing basis, and more and more people are getting in on the gig since we got back into the office.

The first step before considering any startup is to look at the job you have, or one you want, and consider if you can simply do it freelance. You’ll be your own boss, work to your own timeline, around children or other jobs, and dictate how much work you do.