A stunning coastal resort on England’s South coast, Brighton is a popular tourist destination thanks to its vast array of family-friendly attractions, beautiful beaches and bustling hotspots.

Brighton also boasts a selection of quaint properties, thriving businesses and sustainability policies, making it the perfect location for those who want to move to a modern city that will meet their ever-evolving needs.

If you’re looking to move to Brighton, then check out this list of tips on how you can find the perfect property to give you an auspicious start to your new life in this contemporary city.

Check That Brighton Is The Right Place For You

With its convenient location in the heart of the South coast, array of amenities and incredible attractions, Brighton is a great place for many people to visit, but moving to the city is a different matter entirely. You might have fallen in love with the city, but it’s important that you do more than just enjoy yourself Brighton before you decide to move there. Think long and hard about whether or not you want to move to this glorious resort town, or if you just want to take more regular trips to visit it.

Work Out Where You’d Like To Live

If you have your heart set on moving to Brighton, then it’s time to really start planning. There are many different neighbourhoods throughout Brighton, each with its own merits, so think about what you’re looking for from your new home and what you want to be near before you start looking for an actual property. This will ensure that you find the perfect home that’s based in an area you’ll love.

Think About The Property Type You Want

Having narrowed down where you’d like to live, you now need to think about what sort of property you’d like to live in. From flats to terraces, cottages to townhouses, there’s an option for everyone in Brighton. Think about the sort of property you like, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and the outdoor space you’d like so that you have a rough idea of what you’re looking for before you start checking out properties. This will ensure that you find exactly what you need and don’t end up regretting the home you choose later on.

Consider Alternative Options

As well as flats and houses, consider alternative accommodation solutions, such as buying a boat and living a peaceful life on the water. This will give you the chance to enjoy a unique experience in this intriguing city, and further afield if you want to sail your boat around the UK’s waterways. If you enjoy being flexible and able to move your home as and when you see fit, then you can find boats for sale in Brighton here.

Review Your Budget

The amount of money that you have, and what you’re able to borrow, will determine whether you can rent your new home in Brighton or buy it outright, as well as the type of property you can afford, so take the time to do the sums and figure out how much money you have to spend on your new home in this vibrant city.

Check Out Your Commute

Another factor you have to consider is how you’re going to get around when you move to Brighton. There are loads of different transport options in the city, which is cycle friendly, great for walking in and filled with public transport so you can find a way to get to where you need to go quickly and efficiently.

Find Local Facilities

Moving to a new city is about much more than just shifting yourself geographically; you also need to think about all the other various aspects of your life. These include finding schools for your children to attend, exploring the local service providers like hairdressers, car garages and doctor’s surgeries, as well as finding local service providers for your home such as cleaners, handymen and builders. Ask for recommendations from locals when searching for a new service provider or facility, as well as searching online to find everything you need to make a successful life for yourself and your family in Brighton.

Make Yourself At Home

Once you’ve acquired the property you adore in Brighton, it’s time to make yourself at home in this incredible city. Check out the things to do in the area and ingratiate yourself into local society. Making new friends and getting involved in local activities and events will make you feel like part of the Brighton community.

Acquiring a new property anywhere is an exciting experience, but it can be a long process and it takes planning in order to do it properly. Use these tips to find the abode you love in Brighton and make this incredible city your new home.