The importance of kitchens and their layout has recently become of interest to researchers. No longer just used as a space for preparing food and cooking, kitchens have transcended into broad, utilitarian spaces. Studies have shown that the design and layout of a room can greatly impact on your mood, productivity, inspiration and fatigue. Furthermore, creating a space where people come together has become an important factor when it comes to things such as job performance, for example.

From visualisation to the sourcing and building of kitchens, the process can often be arduous and time consuming, let along costly. By hiring a professional kitchen design company, the weight is lifted from your shoulders. They have longstanding working relationships in place with suppliers and tradespeople and have the added benefit of handling any issues that arrive in relation to them. Another benefit is that a professional designer will make sure you get the best long term value for your kitchen and will ensure you avoid making expensive mistakes.

If you are looking for an exceptionally simplified and individual kitchen design and installation process where all aspects of the build are project managed by a trustworthy company, Lambeth Welch may be just what you are looking for. No matter what your property type or requirements, Lambert Welch has the experience to give you the kitchen of your dreams. With a broad ranging portfolio (including kitchens for farmhouses, businesses and family homes), there is no limit to the transformation they can offer to you to fit your specific needs. Lambert Welch pride themselves on providing sleek and elegant design solutions, combined with long lasting surfaces.

Lambert Welch is not your typical kitchen fitting company. Headed by dream-team Kate Lambert and Tom Welch, Lambert Welch offers the highest quality, tailor made service in fitting modern kitchens in North London. With over 25 years’ experience in providing both functional and stylish kitchens, the heart of the home has never looked so enticing.


Kate Welch graduated with a degree in Interior Design in 1980 and has since built up a vast portfolio featuring a range of properties and locations. Working alongside her long-time friend Tom Welch, a kitchen fitter, each has a thorough understanding of one another’s skill set.


Lambert Welch are proudly in partnership with Schuller, a family owned business that have been making kitchen furniture for over 70 years. Schuller are now based in a well-established factory in South Germany and are considered to be one of the best in the business.

The Process

Not everyone knows what they want for their kitchen. Lambert Welch accommodates all tastes and ideas in a professional way. By talking through their requirements and needs, the team come up with a solution that epitomises their client’s wishes.


The need to reduce our impact on the environment is vital as we are rapidly seeing a decline in not only natural resources but also wildlife. Lambert Welch continually try to lessen the strain we are putting on our planet by coming up with more sustainable solutions without compromising on style, functionality and aesthetics.