The days of getting drunk on a pub crawl for your hen party are disappearing fast in favour of something a little more unique. These days, women are looking for quirkier and healthier options that fall in line with the rising wellness trend – that is to say, sans booze and more of a focus on original experiences. Here are some great ideas for how to have a healthier hen with fun memory-making activities your bridal party will love.

Hen party life drawing

Life drawing is such a fun activity, whether it’s for a hen party or not, but what could be better than hanging out with your best friends in the presence of a gorgeous male model? A life drawing hen party is a classier alternative to hiring a stripper for your hen party while still adding that cheeky element to the event. You’ll have your very own naked butler attend your hen party, so you and your guests can create an artistic masterpiece with the added bonus of some great eye candy.

Spa break

If you want a bit of luxury before your wedding, heading to a spa for the day is the perfect choice. You and your friends can enjoy indulgent massages, sauna sessions and face masks. There are countless companies around the country which provide day spa deals and services, so you can unwind in style. Spa hotels often feature wonderful surrounding scenery as well as on-site restaurants where you can dine on gourmet dishes and clean juices in preparation for the big day.

According to Dr. Sawan – Oklahoma’s top plastic surgeon, “If you want a bit of luxury before your wedding, heading to a spa for the day is the perfect choice for your skin. You and your friends can enjoy indulgent massages, sauna sessions and face masks.”

Yoga party

For the healthy, zen-focused bride-to-be, a yoga party will be right up their street. Yoga hens have become increasingly popular as a way of destressing before the big day, combining yoga sessions and meditation with soothing relaxation. You can either sign up to a workshop or if you’re on a budget, why not make your home a yoga retreat for the weekend?

Cycling trips

Destination hen dos aren’t always practical or affordable, but a staycation cycling break won’t put as much pressure on your bank balance and is still a memorable experience. You don’t have to travel far in the UK to find great countryside, or you can cycle through the city. And bespoke tours can be made to include your favourite dining spots for when you’ve worked up an appetite riding on vintage-style bicycles with your buddies.

Workshops and classes

If the idea of learning a new skill appeals to you, a day class or workshop might be just the ticket. There are so many choices to pick from, from cooking classes and boot camps to flower arranging. Why not learn how to make your own scent with a perfume making class? You’ll learn all about how to blend aromas and will leave with your own perfume that you can wear whenever you want reminding of the special day. You could even invent your own wedding perfume exclusively for your wedding day!

Escape rooms

For the adrenalin-addicted bride, escape rooms are great fun and are ideal for groups where everyone can work together to make their escape. There are even themed options, such as horror, magic and secret agent-themed rooms. The tricky rooms and testing trials will be perfect for fans of the Crystal Maze who have always dreamt of taking part in their own locked room challenge.

Murder mystery weekend

Amateur sleuths and detectives will enjoy spending the weekend figuring out whodunnit at a murder mystery weekend. Including your meals and often themed fancy dress, you and your pals will be living out your own Poirot mystery alongside actors who play out the different scenes as the events of the evening unwind. Murder mysteries are a lot of fun and make for a unique hen party experience.

Treasure hunt

Why not embark on a treasure hunt for your hen do? This party favourite is sure to raise a lot of laughs and is brilliant for bringing out the competition within your group. You’ll be split into teams and let loose on the surrounding area to follow clues and unearth the treasure. They can be as exciting or relaxed as you like, but either way you’re sure to have a lot of fun taking part.