The pandemic has changed work and life for everyone and this has led many to start looking for a new job. People have had the time for reflection, they might want a new challenge or they might not feel entirely secure in their roles and these are the key reasons why as many as 49% of employees are looking for a new job.

People Looking for New Jobs Amid Uncertainty

A survey of roughly 1,000 workers from business card specialist instantprint, found that almost half confessed to currently looking for a new job and 1 in 5 had changed jobs since March 2020. Since February 2020, the number of payroll employees has dropped by a staggering 828,000 and therefore it is understandable if 26% of respondents did not feel secure in their current role.

New Businesses

Interestingly, the pandemic did not deter entrepreneurial-minded individuals with almost half a million new businesses being registered. This could have been a result of many people losing their job and looking to go it alone, people looking to earn extra on the side during times of uncertainty or people taking time to reflect and finally pull the trigger on their business idea.

Reassuring Staff

With so many employees admitted to actively looking for a new job and many people starting their own businesses, it is understandable if this sets off alarm bells for employers. You will want to do all that you can to keep hold of staff, especially during uncertain and challenging times. With so many people worrying about their job, the most obvious step to take is to reassure staff and this was emphasised by instantprint’s Team Experience Operations Manager:

“Employees who feel insecure are the ones most likely to bolt when the opportunity arises. Make sure staff know that they are safe and valued in your company by sending out positive messages about the future and praise the hard work they’re currently putting in.”

Hybrid Working

Another important way to keep staff happy in the current situation is to listen to their opinion when it comes to remote work. Many are reluctant to come back into the office full time and could be looking for a role that allows them to WFH, but you must also factor in that there are many that cannot work well from home. Therefore, a hybrid approach could be best and help to keep both camps happy.

With so many people job hunting, it is important for employers to be aware of this and find ways to keep their staff happy and content during this difficult period. Businesses do not want to have to be going through recruitment while also trying to recover from the pandemic, so it is important to take action to keep hold of your staff and keep morale high.