There are more incentives than ever to start your own business. With a personal car or a second-hand van, you can become self-employed and take control of your own financial future. Here are five great businesses that you can start today with just four wheels, and a dream.

Start Your Own Cleaning Company

How good are you with a hoover? Do you have an eye for detail and a passion for cleaning? This type of business is always in high demand and can be very profitable at a high rate of hourly pay.

All you need is a car or van and some cleaning equipment and supplies. You should also investigate liability insurance and car insurance. Comparison sites like can save you money with exclusive deals on car insurance. These great discounts help you to increase profits.

Become A Driving Instructor

This business can bring in the big bucks and is easy to build around your existing commitments, even a full-time job. You can slowly transition from a day job to working for yourself, and for more money.

Driving instructors can charge £40-£50 per hour, depending on the area you live in. With a steady stream of clients, qualified driving instructors can make upwards of £30k a year. Tax incentives can help push profits higher by reducing the costs of fuel, road tax, and maintenance.

Drive As A Self-Employed Courier

Probably the fastest-growing self-employed job at the moment is working as a courier. This can be one of many big online retail and distribution giants like Amazon, Evri, and Yodel.

Many people start by driving their personal vehicles, and may invest in their own van later or may even rent or lease one to help keep up with demand. They just need to make sure they take out a separate courier insurance policy even if they are using their own vehicles, as standard car insurance doesn’t cover courier trips.

More money than ever is being spent at online retail sites, and every package needs to be delivered by someone.

Deliver Food And Shopping

If you are looking for a job you can start in just minutes, this is the one for you. Delivering food for one of the many different delivery apps like Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo can be a great side hustle.

Putting in some hard work during periods of peak demand can generate a lot of income, and if you hop between apps at different times of the day you can even make a full-time wage.

You will have to put a lot of hours into the job (and again you’ll need courier insurance), but it is possible to earn good money.

Turn A Hobby Into A Bill Paying Skill

The best type of job is one you enjoy doing. If you are getting paid to have fun and follow a passion, success will follow too. If you have a hobby like woodworking or an interest in plumbing the choice is obvious. For budding chefs, there are some interesting options out there as well.

Food trucks are really popular, and a common sight in town centres in the early evenings. You can supply the foot traffic in the local square with your culinary creations, and even use food delivery apps to send your meals to the rest of town.

There are plenty of different ways to start a business with a vehicle, and you do not need to go out and buy something new either. With just a personal car, you can achieve a lot.