Need to purchase one or more tyres to have fitted to your car? If so, it can seem as though there are so many choices to make that you do not know where to start. Read these tips and make an informed buying decision so you get the right tyres every time.

  1. Buy Compatible Tyres

You do not need to buy like-for-like tyres for your car. So long as the tyre that is replacing the current one is compatible with the others, then it will be legal to drive on. You could have four different tyres all from different tyre makers fitted to your car in theory.

  1. Check Out the Tyre Size

You need to make sure the tyres you buy are correctly sized for your car’s wheels. The best way to do so is to look at the tyre code on the sidewall of the one you are replacing. The width of the tyre, for example, is indicated by the first three digits of the code.

  1. Order Tyres Online

Don’t drive up to your tyre dealer and expect them to have what you want in stock. Order your chosen tyres beforehand then arrange a slot for them to be fitted for you after they’ve come into stock. Book your appointment now at Jet Wheel Tyre to buy tyres online as well as to have them expertly fitted.

  1. Buy the Best Tyres You Can Afford

Although you might be able to buy part-worn tyres or budget models that are cheaper, this is often a more expensive way to purchase them in the long term. This is because less expensive tyres will often wear down quicker so you end up needing to replace them sooner than you’d have liked.

  1. Consider Winter Tyres

Finally, consider the season that is coming up. If you live in the South away from exposed locations, then general tyres may be adequate to see you through the winter. On the other hand, if you know you will face snow and ice regularly, then it may be better to opt for a set of winter tyres which provide more grip in the cold.