With a vibrant university scene, Brighton has always had a very strong bond with the Cannabis world. However, since the end of 2017, that bond has been a lot more legal, and more centered around using it as a supplement for health and well being , as opposed to hallucinogenic and leisure. 

Since CBD Oil, (CBd is one of over a dozen Cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant), and products like CBD Vape Liquid and Capsules, (like these ones), hit the market, the towns of Brighton and Hove have warmed to it immensely, becoming one of the largest markets for CBD products in the whole of the UK.

The vape scene especially has exploded, with CBD Vape E Liquids being used regularly by young and old to manage various issues like anxiety and stress, to pains from arthritis and other unpleasant conditions. Estimates state that Vaping CBD makes up around 40% of the Cannabinoid market in Brighton and Hove. Products like edibles, capsules and tinctures also have seen their market share grow as more and more people from Brighton have become aware of the potential value CBD can bring to their lives.

What Is The CBD Market Worth In Brighton & Hove?

The populations of both towns stands at around 300,000. Around 20,000 people are thought to regularly buy CBD Oils and products on a monthly basis. That means there is a large market worth an estimated £5-6 million per annum. 

This means there are a lot of people regularly using CBD products to help cope with a wide range of issues. As well as that there are a lot of businesses and industry around Brighton and Hove reliant on CBD for its living. This looks like it can only grow with early projections saying that by 2025 the market here will be worth a predicted £25 million per year. 

What Are People Using CBD for?

All across the UK people take CBD , in its multitude of formats, for different reasons. Some psychological, some pain related. We asked a prominent national distributor, Reactiveplus.com, to tell us what the most popular reasons people from the areas of Brighton and Hove buy CBD. Here are the top five reasons they gave based on their asking of customers and enquiries from the CBD customers. 

  1. Anxiety/Stress
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Muscle Recovery/Anti Inflammatory
  4. Insomnia Relief
  5. General Well Being Enhancement, (no specific issue)

Of course there are plenty of other conditions people will use CBD products for, skin care being another popular one we found out about when talking to people who use it. The advice, however, is always the same when ensuring buying reputable products from reputable people, according to the Reactiveplus.com guys. 


  • To check with your doctor before taking any products


  • Make sure you buy from companies who are part of a respected trade association 
  • Buy CBD Oils with as full a spectrum of Cannabinoids, Flavonoids and Terpenes
  • Start with a small dosage and work up as appropriate



The Future

The CBD market is only going to grow throughout Brighton and Hove as time goes by. With a buying public eager to invest in natural supplements to enhance their health and subdue medical conditions it is hard to see and slow down. Indeed predictions see an almost fivefold expansion of the market over the coming five years.

This will create a lot of jobs and tax revenue for the towns, as well as see a lot of people have access to a supplement that seems to be very well respected as a possible solution to many conditions that people have struggled to manage medically for a long time now.