Saints Row Reveiw
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Hi guys! Dwarf here, time for a little blast from the past! Now I’m not talking too far back, just far enough to spark some fun arcade style memories, back from when games weren’t serious.

The (technically) fifth saints row instalment titled “gat out of hell” is about saints row character Johnny Gat, going to hell, to save the boss, you from the previous games, from an arranged marriage with the Devils teenage daughter. I know how it sounds bear with me it’ll get clearer.


We start with a birthday party, looks very familiar for those that have played fallout 3… Moving on from that, they have everything, cake, banners, candles, ouija board. You know, the birthday essentials. Instantly showing the games age rating with swearing and innuendos from the start, you find yourself sucked into hell to pursue what I’d say is a vaguely mediocre story line, but it makes up for it with the game play itself.
The controls are very easy and quick to learn so both saints row veterans and new players alike will easily grasp being able to fly your demonic wings across the city and armed with a huge arsenal of guns and explosives, as well as melee weapons ranging from hammers and swords to… Ahem… Giant adult toys… you’ll be able to slay wave after wave of demons, along with some supernatural powers, obviously.


The graphics, although not much improvement from the previous saints row games, the rivers of lava and blood and many female demons dressed to leave little to the imagination, will be sure to avert your eyes away for at least a few minutes, while its stockpiled with quick one liners and even some celebrity appearances, even such so as rescuing a historic leader from what I assume to be a mental asylum, with wheels on the bus, on constant loop. For ever. Once you’ve demolished the dancing demon DJ, it’s time to gather your army and set forth, and you’ll have a hell of a good time working out where to go next. Pun intended.


Sticking with its roots, it’s got a fluid combat system along with 2 player co-operative, and several activities including the old favourites of insurance fraud, mayhem and racing.
If serious gaming is getting to you, take a break and relax with this casual sandbox shooter, it’s been around for a while and can be found fairly cheap on almost all systems, and those with PlayStation plus can pick it up for free at the time of writing this.


I give it 7/10. There is nothing bad about it, although it clearly won’t go down as a classic gaming monument, there’s nothing that spectacular that sets it apart from others, but the jokes, easy to pick up gameplay and quick witted although sometimes adult humour, will guarantee hours of fun, although I really wouldn’t recommend this for children. It won’t take very long to see why it has such a high age range.

And as Johnny Gat says, “I’m going to shoot the devil in the face.” Because why wouldn’t you summon demons at a birthday party? Enjoy your time in hell!

George Shine