Have you ever wondered about the history of Brighton’s iconic beach huts? Generally small, wooden and brightly coloured, they are used as a shelter from the wind and the sunshine and as synonymous with the British seaside as seagulls and a stick of rock.

The history of temporary structures like the beach huts dates back to ancient times where tents were used by fighters and herders in the fields. Today, they have evolved to become preferred structures for businesses and organizations. But have you ever wondered why they have so much traction? To be more specific, the modular structures are now very popular. Before we look at the reasons behind this popularity, let us first understand what modular structures are.

What Are Modular Structures?

These are structures that are made of prefabricated materials. Modules, which are similar panels, are used, which makes it easy to construct numerous structures that are similar within a short time. If you have been keen, you might have noticed these modular structures in your area:

  •         Modular retail shops – They come as a package and are great for businesses like fashion accessory sellers, ice-cream parlours, electronic accessories shops, and many others. As we are going to see later, these of shops will receive many benefits. It’s no wonder why they are popping up all over by the beach.
  •         Modular homes – These are affordable homes, both bungalows and mansionettes that are made of prefabricated panels. The outcome is not only affordable but very neat. The catch is in the fact that most if not all homes in an area will look similar.
  •         Modular storage structures – The need for extra storage is inevitable. Many businesses are turned to Smart Space commercial storage structures or any other to get this challenge solved. You can use this at home as well.
  •         Modular classrooms – These classrooms have become very popular these days to take care of the increasing demand for learning space in schools. Learning institutions have been going for these structures to meet different needs in schools such as temporary research labs and examination rooms.

Reasons Why Modular Structures are Popular

Straight to the point, modular structures save a lot of time since their construction time is very fast. Experts can build a structure within a short time. Many have been built to accommodate students during the intake of new students.

Modular structures are also affordable for many institutions including small and medium businesses. They cost almost half of what it would have cost you when making a permanent structure of the same size and design.

Another reason why they are popular is their level of flexibility. Modular buildings can be unscrewed and relocated to another location without causing any damage. For these, people who lease land or want to grow their business prefer to make these structures.


Many modular structures are very efficient and durable. People do not have to worry about their safety because engineers have factored this in when making them. If you are looking for a convenient way to meet your structural needs, look at the possibility of using modular structures and you will not regret it.