The Van Gogh Alive the experience finally has a venue and dates to announce.

The completely immersive experience that has toured 80 cities worldwide and entertained over 8 million viewers is coming to Brighton in 2023 and tickets are now available.

The Van Gogh Alive the experience has been greeted with rapturous acclaim from visitors and critics alike since opening in 2021 and has toured Europe and North America. Not to be confused with other Van Gogh exhibitions this tour has created a buzz for new and innovative exhibitions all over the world.

“A masterpiece that takes us through the life of Van Gogh covering his work, private life and untimely death” is how it has been described and to many of his admirers it has become an important part of his legacy.

If you are a fan or not the immersion into this all encompassing event will thrill and amaze you and just hopefully, give you an appreciation of how and what made him a thrilling artist.

To most of us Vincent Van Gogh has a certain infamy that makes us think of his troubled soul that lead to him cutting his ear off but this experience will give you a whole new perspective on the man from the ubiquitous Sunflowers to his world-renowned self portraits.

The inclusion of the musical score has taken this exhibit to another level with each piece of music perfectly in tune with the visual aspect of the work.

The venue is the magnificent Brighton Dome and the show lasts from Friday 12th May to Sunday 6th August 2023.


Tickets are available at Van Gogh Alive (