There are many reasons why businesses should consider moving away from their traditional landline, not least when you consider the PSTN is to be switched off in 2025. However, one of the main benefits of getting rid of your landline is that it can save you (and make you) a lot of money.

With this in mind, let us take a look at why you should be migrating to VoIP, abandoning your traditional landline, and how this can improve your bottom line.

  1. No need to invest in new hardware

When you are looking to get a new landline, you will need to purchase a new phone, phone contract, and perhaps even pay to have the physical wiring updated or moved to where you need it to be. However, with VoIP, you don’t need to spend any money on hardware at all!

VoIP services can be accessed through an online portal or downloadable application. This means that it can be used on any device that has access to the internet. So, if your business or employees already have a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or landline that supports VoIP, you will not need to invest in any new hardware – you can utilise the devices that you already have.

  1. Only pay for what you use

VoIP services are extremely cost-effective as their usage plans are typically a lot cheaper than line rental. This is because you will only ever pay for what you use. Calls are all logged through the online portal, no matter which account or device you use. This allows the VoIP host to accurately charge you for what you have used.

  1. Low roaming charges

As it is hosted in the cloud, VoIP can be used at any time, anywhere, on any device – provided you have access to the internet. This means that you could be anywhere in the world and yet still appear to call recipients as if you were in the geographic location of the business you work for.

Due to this, there are no roaming charges for calls to domestic numbers even if you are working from another country. In addition to this, calls to international numbers are often a lot cheaper than if made from a traditional mobile or landline.

  1. Improves efficiency

When using the VoIP software, everything you need is in one place. Whether it is email, text, instant messaging, internal phone calls, external phone calls, customer services, or multimedia communications, everything can be found in one, easily accessible portal.

This can significantly improve efficiency, saving employees time as it eliminates the need to flick through multiple channels to find what they need. As time is money, improving efficiency can have a huge impact on your business’ finances.

  1. Supports flexible working

And finally, VoIP supports flexible working practices – be it flexible working hours, remote working, ghost offices, or hybrid office models. At this time in history in particular, it is more important than ever to provide flexible working options if you want to attract the best talent.

In doing so, you will be able to improve the overall productivity of your office, and improve the customer experience, thus giving you the potential to increase profitability in the long run.

And there you have it – 5 ways that moving away from the traditional business landline can improve the bottom line of your company.