The coronavirus pandemic comes with various challenges that touch on an individual’s mental, physical, and relational wellbeing. The frequency and prominence given to the disease in major news outlets of the world can overwhelm even the toughest person. Therefore, we must adopt strategies that can minimize our vulnerability to various conditions that the pandemic may bring. For instance, specific government control measures like quarantine may expose individuals to anxiety. However, you can maintain your mental and physical well-being, even when you isolate yourself. There are various ways you can achieve these, as listed and explained below.

Maintainance of self-care and routine

Self-care is a central component of your health during this time. Although the virus has knocked out your usual program, you should establish another routine while staying home. For example, you should retain your daily sleeping schedule, waking up at the usual time you would have without the quarantine measures. Also, consume a healthy meal daily to fuel your body and keep away some diseases.

 Create a work station in your home

Prolonged absence from your workplace can affect your attitude to work. However, you can create a semblance of a workstation at home to enable you to keep your surroundings as professional as possible. The workstation at home should be near the window to let in natural light, fresh ambiance and offer an outside view. This tactic can enhance your mood, spur creative thoughts, and boost your productivity.

Reduce your screen time

Spending too much time watching television may lead to disturbed sleep and other lifestyle problems. Furthermore, too much TV time bombards you with massive information that can cause anxiety. Instead of hooking yourself on the screen, walk around, read books, and talk to a friend.

Intimacy during the pandemic

During the pandemic, it’s critical to maintain your intimacy between you and your partner. If your condition may not allow physical intimacy, you should agree with your partner to use accessories like sex toys and other sex toys for couples.

 Relationship Maintainance

A challenge that people in isolation may face is connecting with their friends, family, and loved ones. When you’re in quarantine or home, isolation means that you’re physically disconnected from your family and friends. Technology comes in handy here as it helps you to link with your loved ones. Social media platforms, Google’s meetup programs, and a host of other technologies can help you keep the relationships intact.

Be kind to others

Kindness can come in various forms, like sharing credible sources and donating some gifts to charitable organizations. While these gestures create happiness for others, they also elevate your happiness level, minimizing anxiety.

Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness entails being aware of what’s happening in your thoughts and around you without responding or reacting. This practice aims to enable you to live each moment of your life full without thinking so much about what you don’t have. Through mindfulness, you can go through traumatic events like Covid 19 with minimal mental disturbance.

Final Thoughts

Many people are grappling with anxiety issues due to Covid 19. You can reduce the anxiety thoughts by adopting various tactics as elaborated above.