Brighton and Hove have been revealed as having the biggest surge in house pricing since 1995 with average prices jumping from around £50,000 to £295,000. According to the Office for National Statistics, there has been a 490% rise in house pricing from 1995 to 2015 which is the biggest increase in England and Wales.

The significant increase in the past couple of decades could considerably benefit sellers in the Brighton area. This is fantastic news for those who own a property in this area as the increasing rise since this time last year reflects the desirability of the area and shows the difficulty in new homebuyers purchasing a house.

Brighton prides itself with a large buy-to-let market and in 2014 it was chosen as the best place for the fastest-growing buy-to-let yields in the UK. Hanover has been found to be the best area for student property lets. The Brighton area as a whole is a fantastic place for local economy and residents due to its coastline and calendar events that take place throughout the year. With a vibrant property market, more and more people are considering selling their Brighton home for a valuable profit to move elsewhere in the country.

It is likely that your home investment in Brighton will sell with significant yield profits and now may be the best time to sell. Brighton and Hove have been predicted to decrease in property market spend after 2016. This makes it essential for sellers to make sure that they are given the correct valuations and have an understanding of the current property market, particularly taking into consideration the geographic area.

Many sellers are choosing to sell their house with cash buyers such as Quick Move Now due to the current unpredictable property market. This is due to the flexible arrangements for completion dates and opportunity to save on fees. Selling with estate agents may mean that your property could be left on the market to devalue whereas quick cash buyers guarantee a quick sale within 24 hours.

Jemima and Pete Laurel have recently sold their home in Brighton due to the sudden fluctuation in house pricing in the area.

“We wanted to relocate to Wales and realised the advantages of selling with the increase in house pricing in the Brighton area. It was important for us to make a quick sale in order to move out quickly and begin our new life.”

“Selling our house quickly meant that we didn’t experience hassle of the open market and were in a better position to negotiate as a cash buyer. We didn’t have to worry about lower offers for our home and we had the opportunity to choose the timescales of moving out which was extremely important to us.”

“We were extremely wary about the unpredictable housing market and being ripped off by estate agents therefore we looked at the benefits of selling to cash buyers.”

“We were more than happy with the value we got for our property as it was more than we had ever imagined. We were able to move out within a few weeks into our dream home and have no regrets about selling our Brighton property. Although we will miss Brighton, we felt that it was the perfect time to sell and urge anyone thinking about selling their home to consider cash buyers like”