With a healthy and fit kid, there’s never a dull moment – except of course when they’re asleep. Whether outdoors on the playground or with a little play space indoors, children want to engage in some activities that keep them happy and strong.

This often gets parents worried about their safety with the choice of toys or the environment. However, an active lifestyle is good for your child because it will make him build strong bones and muscles, become fit and agile, sleep better and have a better outlook on life.  Physically, kids are also more likely to be mentally alert, academically motivated, self-confident and successful as they grow older.

So, as a parent, rather than getting worried or trying to prevent them from play, you can join in the fun and help them stay healthy and fit- as well as safe by providing great ideas to pump up the kids’ entertainment experience. Doing so can instill a love for activity in your child and set an active and healthy pattern for them that will last into adulthood.

But you should note that there are age-appropriate activities for every child so they don’t get bored and frustrated. For example, preschoolers can’t yet grasp complex rule of most sports and don’t have the kind of attention they demand. School age kids may start to develop a relatively sedentary lifestyle from watching tv and playing computer games. Your task as a parent is to find physical activities they love and feel accomplished taking part in.

You should provide the right environment, equipment, guide and focus to get them to really enjoy the fun, want more of it and benefit from it. They will also improve on their skills and attempt other activities when you praise them for their efforts or a completed task.

Here are some great kid fun activity ideas you can play with your child/ren this holiday and enjoy the stated benefits.

  • Have a themed day with your kid at home. It could be Disney characters, butterflies, pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, fairies or a particular colour.
  • Create an inside obstacle course with furniture, chalk markings, pillows, chairs, boxes or blankets and have fun with your kids.
  • Hop on a stuffed bunny with your child and compete in a race.
  • Have a dance party- turn on the music and shake your groove.
  • Do a freeze dance. When the music stops, freeze in your pose until the music plays again.
  • Invite his/her friends over to play.
  • Play fun games in the backyard- catch butterflies, compete in fruit-picking, do a general gardening or plant a vegetable.
  • Go on fun-filled picnics.
  • Do Jump rope game or popcorn pushups
  • Pillow fight.
  • Visit a museum or a library, or see a movie.
  • Go on an outdoor treasure hunt.
  • Create an outdoor play garden with pots, utensils, rakes, small buckets and plastic toys.
  • Visit an amusement park or playground.
  • Visit or share with your child a place or something of your own childhood.

Let your child spend a day at work with you and make the experience worthwhile.