First U.K. performance of works by composer Roland Bryce

(Published name: Karl Meinhardt) and friends.


Septenary is a set of 7 movements for solo flute, ‘cello, piano, bass, synths and percussion.

Composed in 2012, the work is an exploration of the 7 Chakras or energy fields within the human body, corresponding to colour and nominal pitches C3-B3.

(Do re mi fa so la ti)

Each movement is founded on the key note and moves through the melodic tone row of the harmonic series. The colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo 7 Violet are associated with each key.

Whistler Suite

Whistler Suite: Extracts from this suite for marimbas, flute, cello and various instruments.

Composed 2009-2010, the work features marimba samples created using Canadian timber: Pine, Maple and Cedar. The music is quasi programmatic, depicting aspects of nature and the beauty of the Pacific Coastal forests near Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.

Event Info

Thursday 27th October 2016, 7.45pm  at the Friends Meeting House

Ship Street,


East Sussex

TICKETS: £10.00

Call 07403 527338 to reserve tickets, then collect & pay (by cash only on the door)

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Roland Bryce                     –   composer /flute solo)

Amy Bryce                         –   flute / keyboard

Martyn Noble                   –    piano

Michael Stefan Wood      –    bass

Chris Parsons                    –   percussion

David Bryce                       –   keyboard/ sound